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the who
We’re a group of experienced English language teachers living in Brussels. We work with a wide range of adults and children from different walks of life. We are all native speakers of English who have lived and worked in different parts of the world.

the what
We have a variety of fun activities with cards, board games and dice to get you talking. We make sure everyone has a chance to join in. We give you feedback on your language skills to help you improve further. Group size is maximum 8.

the where
You can also host Chit-Chat in your workplace, home or elsewhere. the why We’ve tried to learn languages wherever we’ve been and know how important it is to practise in a relaxed and friendly way. We don’t give lessons but provide practice, encouragement and support.

the how much
Individual sessions at 5€. Loyalty cards at 25€ for 6 sessions. Each session is one hour. the After Chit-chat You can join in an on-line discussion with other chit-chatters on our blog.

the what next
Come along and try a session by reserving a place by email or phone. All levels are welcome.